Gary B



My amazing journey with photography started in 2009 when I bought my first DSLR camera. My rowdy son was 5 years old then and my lovely angel of a daughter was just born. My beautiful wife and I decided to “invest” in a good camera for taking portraits of our young family through the coming years.

At first, I was under pressure to produce good pictures to justify the cost of the equipment. Because prior to this, we only had a point and shoot camera. And so I spent hours practically every night after work learning. I was going through books and tutorials on YouTube - DSLR basics, understanding camera features, post-processing tools and techniques and learning more about the art of photography. 


Just like anything else, I got better with lots of practice and I came to a point where I was being inspired by the photos I was taking. There was something about being able to capture a moment with the emotions that came with it. It really drive me to master the skills necessary to capture a scene exactly as I see it... as I experienced it.

I guess in a way these precious but fleeting moments were just too valuable for me not to capture in a photograph. There are few things in this world that can bring one genuine joy. And a good picture is one of them.

As I look back at the pictures I’ve taken through the years, I realize we’ve been given countless blessings to be grateful for. And if you really think about it, each moment is a blessing. They all eventually come together to form a bigger picture of a beautiful life that you were meant to have.

This is the backbone of my photography work. It is my goal for my images to help you remember your special moments, your dreams and aspirations... what matters most. I look forward in sharing some moments with you in this wonderful journey called Life. To remembering what matters most,